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Zend Framework Tutorial

Zend Framework + PHPTAL + Doctrine ORM +…

Step by step tutorial

  1. Part I: Create basic Zend Framework Application
  2. Part II: Add PHPTAL to Zend Framework
  3. Part III: Read settings from config.ini
  4. Part IV: Plugging Doctrine to Zend Framework
  5. Part V: Debugging and database profiling with FirePHP

First part shows how to create basic Zend Framework application, which will be extended in the next parts.

The second part describes how to plug PHPTAL to Zend Framework and have traditional helpers and scripts reusable (e.g. Zend_Layout or Zend_Form).

Important note

This tutorial was written for using with Zend Framework v.1.7. It works well also for newer version, but since v.1.8 brought Zend_Tool and Zend_Application, a lot of things became a lot easier. Plugging external resources is best using bootstrap resource plugins.

Treat this tutorial as a good explanation how everything works in detail. But for better, reusable solution, check my: Myzend project on GitHub.


Note: After extracting archives you must download Zend Framework and PHPTAL libraries and put it in the /library directory.

Further reading