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PHPTAL Filter Library

Please share your filters with others. Send source files to my e-mail address, I’ll publish them here.

Please read comments in the source for more information.

Custom PHPTAL filters
Filter name + PHP source Description Usage
My_PHPTAL_Filter_Ids Automatically add id attributes for selected tags. Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_ImageSize Automatically add width and heigt attributes to <img> tags. Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_Geshify Syntax highlighting using GeSHi library. Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_PrintLinks Insert list of external links used in the template Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_RegEx Regex replace in the template Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_ReplaceScript Replace script with another one (e.g. lib-1.2.3.js with lib-1.2.4.js) Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_ReplaceString Replaces string with another Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_Tidy Perform Tidy HTML on the template. Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_UpdateContentType Update content-type in <meta> tag. Pre/Post
My_PHPTAL_Filter_ZFSyntax Enable traditional Zend Framework PHP syntax in the templates. Pre
ZFSyntax Updated version of My_PHPTAL_Filter_ZFSyntax (by Iván Montes) Pre
ZFSyntax_Tokenizer Updated version of My_PHPTAL_Filter_ZFSyntax, using PHP's tokenizer functions (by Iván Montes) Pre
removeContentDeclaration Example of content negotiation technique to send valid XHTML Pre/Post