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TAAT CMS is our own Polish Content Management System (Polish CMS), the core of our projects.

It allows us to quickly create effective web pages, where adding and updating content is as easy as sending an email.

Responsive Web Design

Our sites works well on any device, browser and operatings systems.

Page elements are adjusted for optimal user experience, depending on the used device.

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User Centered Design

At the very beginning we collect data and keywords for better optimization. We create personas and analyze possible use cases.

This method helps to build effective and user-friendly applications.

Modular design

We have complete modules to manage:

  • pages and content
  • news in different categories
  • language versions
  • photos and other multimedia
  • calendar events
  • product catalogue
  • shopping cart (e-commerce)
  • advertising
  • newsletter

We can easily add any new modules.

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TAAT CMS effectiveness is based on few simple facts:

  1. The highest technical quality (fast page loading, no errors).
  2. Sites are easily processed by search engine crawlers (semantic structure, correct code, no duplicates).
  3. Search engines are kept informed of any changes.
  4. Strategic decisions can be based on statistics available for administrators.
  5. Easy editing allows optimal, frequent changes to reach conversion goals.
  6. Attractive graphics and design.
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Every single version may work under it's own domain, each of the language versions may have different content (less or more pages)

Translated text, image descriptions, meta data, forms, messages and entire interface.

Currencies can be automatically converted by daily NBP rate.

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Subpages and menus

Create sitemap using Drag and drop.


Page structure is reflected in navigation menu, breadcrumbs navigation and xml sitemap which is sent to search engine bots.

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Photos and images

Google robots can't tell what story the picture tells until it has a text description.

You can write descriptions for each image in administration panel. Well described images are more effective than the text itself.

Batch Upload allows you to upload many images at once. Don't worry about size of the pictures. They are automatically resized and clipped to the required size.

You can create new gallery or slideshow in one click after batch upload.

Image gallery

Images can be organized in galleries and slideshows. You can organize them in categories, insert inline into pages, news and product descriptions.

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To create a feel that the site is alive, you can add news or articles grouped into thematic categories.

Optionally, you can allow users to comment each news.

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On particular pages, depending on the context we can display widgets, for example:

  • similar pages
  • contact form
  • promoted products
  • send to a friend
  • Facebook widget
  • top 10
  • what's new?


You can manage users, assign them to the groups and add access privileges.

Users may change passwords and edit personal information.

Optionally they can create an account by registering through the Google account, Facebook or other OpenID.

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Search bar

Every content in TAAT CMS can be easily found using search bar.

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Search engine robots are automatically notified of any change made in the administration panel. Sitemap is automatically updated.

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You need something more than images.

Out of the box you get:

  1. Error reporting system
  2. Automatic monitoring of SERP positions
  3. Backups
  4. Migration - allows easy upgrades
  5. Automated unit and functional tests ensure that everything always works as it should.
  6. E-mails that never get to spam.
  7. Integration with Google Maps and tools for webmasters
  8. Statistics:
    • activity tracking
    • most popular pages
    • least effective pages
    • conversation and bounce rates
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